MS Scraptastik

Monday, October 5, 2009

20 random things about me

1. my family comes first!
2. dark purple is my favorite color.
3. i love vampire books.
4. i love a challenge.
5. i love to be scared.
6. i coach soccer.
7. halloween is my favorite holiday.
8. i really enjoy entertaining.
9. i am a stay at home mom.
10. milk is my favorite drink.
11. football is my favorite sport to watch.
12. i dont like to argue.
13. i scrapbook.
14. i blog, facebook, myspace, and
15. candy corn is my favorite candy.
16. i love to dance.
17. i hate laundry.
18. i have arachnophobia.
19. i watch disney chanel even when the kids are gone.
20. i love my life!


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