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Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

This week has been so busy but I accomplished much. Monday I got my Halloween costume cut out and enjoyed the day with my mama and grandma.That night we had soccer practice and that went extremely well. I really enjoy watching my team learn.Tuesday was super busy. I met with a dear friend, we had hot chocolate and talked for hours. Afterwards I met my mama, sister, daughter, and brother-in-law for lunch at Coco Loco. It was delicious and the time spent with family and friends is priceless. Then picked Alyssa up from school and the two us us went back to my moms house to get ready for my nephew Dylans football game. They lost but he played tremendously well. Then Kyra stayed the night with my sister,Tamara, and Alyssa spent the night with my mama. So this means the house was all to Lee, my husband, and myself...very exciting...we went to sleep! Wedesday was almost as busy as Tuesday. Picked Alyssa up from my mamas, Reanna from her house and took them to school. When I was on my way home the ac in my van went out again for the 3rd time in two weeks... not a good thing:( Went to pick up Mama, Tamara and Kyra to go to Walmart. We ended up at Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite places to shop. After that I took Tamara and Mama home and Kyra to ballet and tap. She is such a cute dancer! We picked up Alyssa from school, Mama from her house and went to Mistys(my oldest sister). We went to a pumkin patch and the coolest thing about the patch was the honesty box. The only other place I have seen an honesty box was at a state park. i thought that was so awesome. Friday morning same old same old, we took Alyssa to school. Afterwards I had to take my car to the ac man, which by the way is giving us a great deal,A 1 Auto Parts in Pascagouls, MS. Check them out if you need work done on your car tell Ken that Lee Brown sent you. Went to my mamas cooked a cake and helped Tamara type up some geneology. Wow i have been to my mamas alot this week. Next Tamara, Kyra and I wwent to Tamaras house and just chilled for a couple of hours and then off again. Kyra was in the East Central Homecoming Parade. She had fun throwing candy at and to people. That was over in about an hour and a half and off to my mamas We had to finish making a flower pot dirt cake for Alyssas kindergarten class. Friday morning took Alyssa and her cake to school and off to get my van, then doctors appointment, home, get Alyssa, then soccer practice. My week was so full I didnt even wash all the clothes this week not that I am complaining. My week was great!!!!


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